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A down to earth system that blends energy healing with personal development for real results.

Discover how natural it feels to incorporate daily stillness techniques for profound transformation.

Experience a peaceful journey into the healing effects of conscious awareness.

We’re here to help you find peace within minutes… 

Be Aware

Applied Stillness Technology™ is a simple, yet powerful life healing system that anyone can learn and apply with immediate results!

Be Still

Healing begins with Stillness.  Learn to connect to stillness and apply simple techniques and protocols to end self-sabotage and finally transform your life!

Be Healed

Experience real measurable results in all areas of your life –  from health to relationships to the abundant life you are meant to live!

Dear friends,

Today our paths have met as we embark on our own unique journey through life.   I believe you are here for a reason, seeking for answers to a more fulfilling life.  If you’re like me, your life path has  experienced some bumps in the road that has brought you grief, sadness, anger and darkness.

Applied Stillness is about using new tools to empower your life so that when those dark moments occur you are prepared to meet them from a place of peace instead of resistance.  

Applied Stillness is also about healing past traumas and deep hurts that have occurred in your life so you can experience love and balance in your life once again, or for the first time. 

It is my hope that your life will be touched in some profound way as you connect with us and learn how apply stillness in all you do.

People who meditate

Medical nurses trained in energy healing

Medical hospitals incorporating energy healing

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